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About Janice Vitale

Mental Health and Personal Growth Counseling
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Janice Vitale, LCSW-R 

Providing Mental Health and
Personal Growth Teletherapy in
New York State

I'm a therapist because I care about people. I love what I do! I consider it a privilege to be a trusted supporter, ally, and guide for my clients.


I provide individual counseling to adults, ages 18+. I help people who are going through periods of change or are seeking change in their lives. A partial list of the things I can help with includes: anxiety, depression, stress, coping strategies, and life transitions (divorce, relocation, changing careers, returning back to live with parents, work or college stress, and finding purpose/meaning.)

I've been a therapist for 17 years and have worked in helping professions for over 25 years. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with tens of thousands of hours of experience in providing support and helping people to make changes in their lives.

I enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking, going for walks, doing yoga, listening to music, taking pictures, learning, reading, making art, listening to podcasts, watching television (both educational and shows that are a complete waste of my time), spending time with friends and family, thinking and talking about things that matter to me, and hanging out with my pets.

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