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Change Can Be Hard

Perhaps you are going through a life change and are feeling overwhelmed? Maybe you are feeling stuck and are seeking change? Are you feeling discontented or feeling out of step with your sense of purpose? Change, or the need for change, can bring up many feelings including anxiety, depression, fear, confusion, or feeling overwhelmed. Life changes can take so many different forms:


  • Break up, separation, or divorce

  • Graduating from school

  • Leaving home/Returning to live at home with parents

  • Changing jobs or careers

  • Relocating to a new area

  • Illness of self or family member

  • Retirement


The desire for change can show up with uncomfortable feelings as well. Sometimes our emotions are trying to let us know that a change is required. Examples of these types of changes include:


  • Desiring to feel a sense of purpose or meaning in your life

  • Wanting to feel healthier (exercise, food, meditation, stopping unhealthy habits)

  • Aspiring to be more present and become a better listener and communicator

  • Wanting to feel fulfilled by your work


Change can be very hard, whether it’s something you’ve chosen or not.

You Are Not Alone

We all assume that everyone else is doing okay. We isolate ourselves with our feelings and don’t tell others about them thinking we are the only one. Here is a secret: most other people who are struggling are keeping quiet about it too! You are definitely not the only one.

The bottom line is you are not alone, and you are in good company! The good news is that with the help of a compassionate and knowledgeable therapist you can begin to feel better. When people participate fully and put effort into therapy, with time, emotions and stress become more manageable. They begin to feel more engaged and purposeful in their lives. 

You Can Take Your Life Back


There are multiple therapeutic strategies that can be helpful in dealing with life changes. I meet each client “where they are” without pre-conceived ideas about what their goals should be or a pre-packaged way of addressing their concerns. When working with me you will have a sense of being deeply understood and heard. This is rare in our society and can be very healing when it is experienced. Often people mention that they have never had the opportunity to tell their whole story. 

In counseling with me you will have the opportunity to:

  • Feel supported, heard, and understood,

  • Learn to identify stressors,

  • Learn and apply strategies to manage and reduce stress and regulate emotions,

  • Develop strategies and practices that will help you navigate this time of change,

  • Rediscover who you are and what brings meaning into your life,

  • Explore your values and goals,

  • Determine if there are changes you would like to make,

  • Gradually make changes in your life by taking small steps.


My approach in therapy is creative and holistic to fit the needs of each client. I use a strength-based and solution focused approach with clients and am always looking for what is going well in a client’s life and/or finding times in their lives when they solved similar problems. I look for strengths to use as the building blocks for solutions to the problems they currently face. I frequently offer suggestions, strategies, podcast episodes, and applicable books to supplement counseling sessions.

I have a Masters Degree in Social Work focusing on mental health. I have been helping people navigate times of change and mental health conditions for 16 years. I draw on my training, many years of clinical practice, and life experiences to understand the struggles that my clients go through and to provide skillful, empathetic, and effective treatment.

That Sounds Great but……

  • “I should be able to handle this myself. Asking for help means that I am weak.”

    • Humans aren’t meant to handle their problems by themselves; we are social creatures. Starting therapy is not evidence of weakness. Being willing to work on yourself shows incredible strength and courage!

  • “What do I have to be upset about? Other people have it harder than me.”

    • This is not a competition. Suffering is suffering.

  • “I can’t afford counseling” or “I don’t have the time”.

    • Can you afford not to? Participating in counseling has the potential to improve your mood and your overall feelings of well-being. When our mood is improved, we are better partners, parents, sisters/brother, daughters/sons, employees, students, and friends.


How Do I Get Started?

I offer free 15-minute consultations so you can get a sense of how it might be to work with me. The consult also gives me an opportunity to learn more about your situation and allows me to determine if I think I can be helpful. 


Give me a call at 607-414-0640 to set up a free consult or send me an email through the contact form


Thank you! I look forward to meeting you!


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Life Changes

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