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Experience Positive Change

Mental Health and Personal Growth Counseling

Do You Find Yourself Longing for Change? 

You may feel disconnected from what brings you joy or your sense of purpose. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed with life and the stresses that go with it and you just want to feel calm and centered again.


You may be experiencing anxiety or depression and feel like it is time to get help. When we are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, depressed or anxious it can make it very hard to feel like a good partner, parent, employee, family member or friend. When we are in the midst of an emotional storm it can be very difficult to find the path out by ourselves.


Therapy Can Help With All of This

What if you could feel better about yourself? What if your anxiety or depression started to lift and you felt some relief? What if you felt connected to your creativity again and/or your sense of purpose? Imagine if you had someone in your corner to really hear your story and provide support.

Together we can develop a path towards healing. When people participate fully and put effort into therapy, with time, emotions and stress become more manageable. They begin to feel more engaged and purposeful in their lives.

I provide counseling to clients throughout New York State. The secure online video platform is very easy to use with no downloads necessary. The majority of my clients find they actually prefer to do counseling online because it is so convenient. Studies have shown that online therapy is equally effective to therapy done in person.


How Do I Get Started (or Get More Information)?

Send me an email using the contact link below to set up a free, no obligation 15-minute consult. The consultation will allow you to get a sense of what it might be like to work with me and I can determine if my skill set is appropriate for your situation. I look forward to meeting you!


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